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Av Lars Vilks - 23 april 2009 22:12

Susan Hefuna, born to a German-Egyptian couple in 1962, grew up in Egypt and Germany. She studied art at the German Art academy and postgraduated in new media from the Frankfurt Art Academy. Susan Hefuna is a professor of multimedia art at the University of Design in Pforzheim Germany. Having a dual heritage the artist’s work emphasizes the transitions of culture-specific codes and stereotypes, as well as the perception of women in European and Arab societies.


Feel 2008


Smile 2008


Ana/Ich 2006

Av Lars Vilks - 23 april 2009 22:08

Yona Friedman 1923 Budapest


In 1958, Yona Friedman published his first manifesto : "Mobile architecture". The mobility in question is not the mobility of the building, but the mobility of the user, who is given a new freedom. "The building is mobile in so much as any sort of use whatsoever by the user or a group must be possible and realisable", Friedman explained. Mobile architecture is thus the "dwelling decided on by the occupant" by way of "infrastructures that are neither determined nor determining". Mobile architecture thus meant an architecture that was available for a "mobile society". To deal with this mobile society, the classical architect had invented "the Average Man", and the projects of architects in the 1950s were undertaken, according to Friedman, to meet the needs of this make-believe entity, and not to attempt to meet the needs of the actual user. The teaching of architecture was largely responsible for the under-estimation by the architect of the role of the user. But this teaching did not embrace any real theory of architecture. Friedman also proposed teaching manuals for the fundaments of architecture for the public. "If a theory is well constructed and spread abroad, it has the advantage of no longer being the property of specialists, but of stemming from the public domain. The present-day monopoly of the architect has to do with the fact that there is no real theory, but merely a set of pseudo-theories in other words, observations which only reflect the preferences of their authors". "A theory must be general and valid for anybody". "Everyone has their hypotheses. The general theory that I am trying to propound underpins all individual hypotheses". The spatial city, which is a materialization of this theory, thus makes it possible for everyone to develop his or her own hypothesis. This is why, in the mobile city, buildings should :
1) touch the ground over a minimum area
2) be capable of being dismantled and moved
3) and be alterable as required by the individual occupant"(Y.F.).
These criteria for the mobile city are decisive for the model of the spatial city.

 The contribution by the artist for the biennial is piece of radical mobile architecture.
Av Lars Vilks - 23 april 2009 21:45

 The first thing to realize about the work of Tobias Rehberger is that, despite appearances, it is not design. Design appears in Rehberger’s work as a subterfuge. In Rehberger’s work we see an antagonism to the functionality that is an absolute condition of modernist design. This rationalism was the foundation of the massive impact modernist design had upon the fabric of twentieth century culture. But by the late twentieth century there was a post-modern turn that was much more concerned with play and lifestyle. Rehberger, however, is not even definable in terms of postmodern design. He takes the deconstruction of mod­ernist design one step further by pulling it into the unchar­tered territory of the aesthetic with no name. There it is interpenetrated with concerns about identity, nonlinear narra­tive, and absurdism. 

Between... Aesthetic And Utility/Death And Life (Bar Sign), stainless steel 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 23 april 2009 21:38

Pascale Marthine Tayou was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1967. After having lived in Stockholm and Paris he now lives and works in Ghent. Tayou is part of the generation of African artists that redefine post-colonial culture and mix experiences of their birthplace with those of Europe.

Tayou’s work is varied and consists of drawings, sculptures, installations, videos and performances. His work has the feel of a diary; Tayou includes aspects of his nomadic existence, his family and his life in Cameroon. It also raises daring questions regarding cultural and national identity as well as more existential thoughts on, for example, AIDS or the cacophony of city life. These profound works examine the permeability of boundaries, the self as defined by personal history (and meetings with others) and questions regarding economy and migration.

Storyboard For A Chaotic Society, performance 2009

Av Lars Vilks - 22 april 2009 12:42

Massimo Bartolini born 1962 Italy

 Massimo Bartolini’s work embraces various materials and techniques, from sculpture and performance to photography. His works have included an elevated floor that created the impression of distorted space; an installation in which a device on the heel of a visitor’s shoes altered the light in the exhibition space; and rooms suffused with perfume and the sound of leaking water. These, often sensual, artworks induce in the viewer a meditative state that is still highly experiential, making us reflect on the relativity of what is stable and unchangeable. For the Ladonia Biennial the artist has designed the seminar lecture space, Seminar Island.
Av Lars Vilks - 22 april 2009 12:37

Seminar program at the Ladonia Biennial

1. Anxiety of Creativity, Possible Worlds and Secrets of the Artworld. Discussions revolve around existential conditions of creativity and its possibilities, 25th- 26th April 2009.
2. Farewell to Hidden Agendas - Towards an Open Post-Western Society? Critical Reflection on the 1st Ladonia Biennial International conference presented together with the Goethe Institute, 15th-16th June 2009. This final conference will bring together artists, curators and experts to critically examine the 1st Ladonia Biennial, and to assess this year’s Biennial in Venice with in-depth and critical reflection.

Av Lars Vilks - 7 april 2009 21:28

Jeremy Deller will start with It Is What It Is on the 10th of April

Av Lars Vilks - 6 april 2009 18:22

The following artists will participate in the 1st Ladonia Biennial

Jumana Emil Abboud (born Shefa-Amer, Palestine, 1971)
Georges Adéagbo (born Cotonou, Benin, 1942)
John Baldessari (born in National City, USA, 1931)
Rosa Barba (born in Agrigento, Italy, 1972)
Massimo Bartolini (born in Cecina, Italy, 1962)
Thomas Bayrle (born in Berlin, 1937)
Simone Berti (born in Adria, Italy, 1966)
Bestué/Vives (born in Barcelona, 1980; born in Barcelona, 1978)
Mike Bouchet (born in Castro Valley, California, 1970)
Ulla von Brandenburg (born in Karlsurhe, Germany, 1974)
André Cadere (Warsaw, 1934–Paris, 1978)
Paul Chan (born in Hong Kong, 1973)
Chen Zhen (Shanghai, 1955–Paris, 2000)
Nikhil Chopra (born in Calcutta, 1974)
Chu Yun (born in Jiangxi, China, 1977)
Tony Conrad (born in Concord, California, 1940)

Robert Cuoghi (born in Italy, 1973)
Keren Cytter (born in Tel Aviv, 1977)Jeremy Deller (born in London, 1966)
Nathalie Djurberg (born in Lysekil, Sweden, 1978)
Anju Dodiya (born in Mumbai, India, 1964)
Gino de Dominicis (Ancona, Italy, 1947–Rome, 1998)
Elena Elagina, Igor Makarevich (born in Moscow, 1949; born in Trialety, Georgia, 1943)
Öyvind Fahlström (Sao Paulo, 1928–Stockholm, 1976)
Lara Favaretto (born in Treviso, Italy, 1973)
Hans-Peter Feldmann (born in Düsseldorf, 1941)
Spencer Finch (born in New Haven, 1962)
Ceal Floyer (born in Karachi, Pakistan, 1968)
William Forsythe (born in New York, 1949)
Yona Friedman (born in Budapest, 1923)

Gawde, Sunil (born in Mumbai, India 1960)

Gilbert & George (born 1943, Italy and 1942, UK)
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (born in Strasbourg, France, 1965)
Sheela Gowda (born in Bhadravati, India, 1957)
Tamara Grcic (born in Munich, 1964)
Gutai (Akira Kanayama; Sadamasa Motonaga; Saburo Murakami; Shozo Shimamoto; Kazuo Shiraga; Atsuko Tanaka; Tsuruko Yamazaki; Jiro Yoshihara; Michio Yoshihara)
Guyton\Walker (born in Indiana, 1972; born in Georgia, 1969)
Gonkar Gyatso (born in Lhasa, Tibet, 1961)
Jan Håfström (born in Stockholm, 1937)
Anawana Haloba (born in Livingstone, Zambia, 1978)
Rachel Harrison (born in New York, 1966)
Susan Hefuna (born in Cairo, 1962)
Carsten Höller (born in Brussels, 1961)
Huang Yong Ping (born in Quanzhou, China, 1954)
Joan Jonas (born in New York, 1965)
Miranda July (born in Barre, Vermont, 1974)
Rachel Khedoori (born in Sydney, 1964)
Toba Khedoori (born in Sydney, 1964)
Koo Jeong A. (born in Seoul, 1967)
Moshekwa Langa (born in Bakenburg, South Africa, 1975)

Sherrie Levine (born 1947, US)
Arto Lindsay (born in Richmond, Virginia, 1953)
Renata Lucas (born in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, 1971)
Goshka Macuga (born in Warsaw, 1967)
Gordon Matta-Clark (New York, 1943–New York, 1978)
Cildo Meireles (born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1948)
Aleksandra Mir (born in Lubin, Poland, 1967)
Moscow Poetry Club
Yoko Ono (born in Tokyo, 1933)
Jorge Otero-Pailos (born in Madrid, 1971)
Blinky Palermo (Leipzig, Germany, 1943–Kurumba, Maldives, 1977)
Lygia Pape (Novo Friburgo, Brazil, 1927–Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2004)
Anna Parkina (born in Moscow, 1979)
Philippe Parreno (born in Oran, Algeria, 1964)
Pavel Pepperstein (born in Moscow, 1966)
Alessandro Pessoli (born in Cervia, Italy, 1963)
Falke Pisano (born in Amsterdam, 1978)
Michelangelo Pistoletto (born in Biella, Italy, 1933)
Att Poomtangon (born in Bangkok, 1973)
Marjetica Potrc (born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1953)
Sara Ramo (born in Madrid, 1975)
Tobias Rehberger (born in Esslingen, Germany, 1966)
Pietro Roccasalva (born in Modica, Italy, 1970)
Tomas Saraceno (born in Tucuman, Argentina, 1973)
Amy Simon (born in New York, 1957)
Simon Starling (born in Epsom, Great Britain, 1967)
Pascale Marthine Tayou (born in Cameroon, Africa, 1967)
Wolfgang Tillmans (born in Remscheid, Germany, 1968)
Rirkrit Tiravanija (born in Buenos Aires, 1961)
Grazia Toderi (born in Padua, Italy, 1963)
Madelon Vriesendorp (born in Bilthoven, The Netherlands, 1945)
Tian Tian Wang (born in Qingdao, China, 1980)
Richard Wentworth (born in Samoa, Oceania, 1947)
Pae White (born in Pasadena, California, 1963)
Cerith Wyn Evans & Florian Hecker (born in Llanelli, Wales, 1958; born in Augsburg, Germany, 1975)
Xu Tan (born in Wuhan, China, 1957)
Haegue Yang (born in Seoul, 1971)
Héctor Zamora (born in Mexico City, 1974)
Anya Zholud (born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1981)

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